The energy crisis: how it’s affecting residents and housing associations

25 March 2022

The energy crisis, which has been dominating the headlines, is affecting residents and housing associations in various ways, in some cases very urgently. Housing associations are doing all they can to help mitigate the impact of energy price rises on tenants and leaseholders.​

There is a particular challenge for housing associations who manage energy for whole schemes where the government's energy price cap doesn't apply, or face the end of contracts with few affordable alternatives. Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine has made these issues more significant and pushed prices up even further. 

Some housing associations currently have energy contracts with the Russian energy supplier Gazprom Energy and may choose to terminate their relationship with the supplier at the earliest opportunity, but require further clarification and support to do so given the contracts that are already in place and volatility of the energy market. 

In light of these issues, we recently wrote to the Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, seeking urgent clarification and support on two key issues:

  • Asking for targeted financial support for housing associations that covers the expected rise in energy bills for households not protected by the energy price cap, so that they are afforded similar protection and support as domestic energy customers. 
  • Seeking clarification on the legal implications of ending contracts with Russian owned energy suppliers.

We are also aware that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to set out an "energy supply strategy" as his climate policies and UK gas production come under scrutiny during the Ukraine crisis. We will update members when this is released.  

We will of course ensure that we keep members updated as this situation evolves.  

We would like to hear from NHF members on how you are affected by the energy crisis, and what steps your organisation is taking to mitigate risks. Please get in touch with our member relations team to let us know.