What are the barriers to development for supported and older person’s housing?

06 November 2023

Every year at the NHF, we ask our members to complete a survey on supported and older person’s housing development. This survey provides us with the information we need to effectively engage with government and political parties on removing barriers to developing new homes for the people that need them most.

Why are we collecting data on development?

This year, in the run up to the next general election, collecting robust information on housing development has never been more important. We need an accurate picture of the situation now, so we can influence political parties and put a long-term, sustainable plan for housing on the political agenda.

We know that there is currently already a 210,000 shortfall in retirement and supported housing homes, and research shows this could increase 67% by 2045 to 350,000. By 2045, around 2.3 million people could be living in homes that don’t meet their needs, that’s a 15% increase in the next two decades.

Housing associations have the knowledge and expertise to provide a solution to help fix the housing crisis for those who need supported and specialist homes, but they need the tools and the policy landscape to do this.

What information will we be collecting?

To help us gather a robust picture of where we are now with development for supported and older person’s housing, we want to know:

  • What types of housing are you currently providing?
  • What types of housing are you planning on developing?
  • Are you planning to regenerate any housing schemes in the future?
  • Are you planning to decommission or remodel any housing schemes
  • What barriers are you facing to development?
  • Which funding streams have you accessed for development?
  • What will we do with the information? 

This year, we will be using the data to advocate for more sustainable investment in supported and specialist housing for older people, including ring-fenced funding for housing related support and a distinct strategy for older person’s housing. The results of this survey will help us make the case to all political parties by giving us a robust dataset that reflects where we are now as a sector.

The information you provided last year enabled us to follow up with ministers after we submitted our response to the Public Account Committee’s Inquiry on Supported Housing. This year, we will be advocating for more sustainable investment in supported housing, including increased and ring-fenced funding for housing related support and the reinstatement of the £300m Housing Transformation Fund, to ensure that social care and supported housing are integrated.

Your feedback this year will also give us the tools to robustly respond to the APPG for Housing and Care for Older People’s inquiry into the regeneration of sheltered housing schemes. It will also allow us to build on our strong links with DLUHC and DHSC and negotiate a new rent settlement that works for supported and older person’s housing.  

How can I help?

If you think your organisation should receive the survey, email us using the contact details below to make sure you’re on the mailing list.

If you would like further information about how we will use the data and who will see it, please also get in touch.

Who to speak to

Ed Barber, Policy Officer