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Author: Levitt Bernstein

Number of pages: 203

ISBN: 978 0 86397 588 3

Published year: 2016

Housing Standards Handbook

12 January 2016

The last five years has brought unprecedented change to housing standards, the regimes that own, manage and assess them, and the tenures to which they apply.

Following the Housing Standards Review, we are pleased to present this new handbook, which reflects the latest standards and best practice.

This publication:

  • considers the role that standards play in securing the quality of new build housing
  • breaks down the standards to show whether they are applied nationally or locally
  • features a checklist in the appendices containing all the standards listed in the book
  • is easy to navigate with best practice guidance and illustrations.

To ensure that the book keeps pace with any changes to standards, this document will update with useful commentary on any new standards of relevance to the book since it was published in January 2016

About the author

Levitt Bernstein is an architectural practice with expertise in urban design, landscape architecture, sustainability and research. This work has been led by Julia Park, Head of Housing Research. Other members of the drafting team include Clare Murray, Glyn Tully, Andy Jobling, and Kate Digney.

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