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Author: Kelsey Walker, Savills

ISBN: 978 0 86297 599 9

Risk and assurance: A guide for housing association boards

17 June 2021

The last few years have brought significant events that have caused the housing sector and the nation to rethink and reshape approaches and strategies, and to adapt the way we operate. We’ve combined elements of our previous guides to risk management and assurance into this new practical handbook for board members.

Now more than ever, board members must ensure that the risk management and assurance processes their business have in place are reliable and robust.

This new guide:

  • Provides boards with an overview of the key principles of risk management and assurance whilst aiming to support them in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • Will help to instil a strong sense among boards of potential risk and assurance issues, and assist housing associations and the sector in delivering more for residents.
  • Presents some ideas for further thought and discussion among board members about how they can prepare for the future from the position of an insightful understanding of the present.

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