We are an independent consultancy providing high quality advice and support to housing providers across the UK. Our mission is to help businesses improve and deliver better services to their customers – by offering a different perspective.

We have been trusted by some of the UK housing sector’s biggest names to provide innovative and refreshing approaches to the way they run and finance their organisations. We believe this differentiates us from our competitors and gives us a unique insight into the market. We recognise the need to provide practical, innovative solutions and to support their implementation. At its core, our approach is simple: we use knowledge and innovation to deliver excellent results. In short, we can provide a fresh approach to the challenges you face.

Our team of highly experienced consultants have provided support to more than 200 housing providers across the UK.

Why we are different

We believe we offer a different approach.

Here’s why:

  • We are honest and can be trusted.
  • Our people are all experienced practitioners who have ‘walked the walk’ in a wide range of senior roles within the affordable housing and other relevant sectors, such as banking.
  • We only recruit the best people – we do not compromise on quality.
  • We always focus our work on innovative solutions, not on the process.
  • We always seek to provide added value, no matter how large or small the commission or client.
  • We give an opinion on the best route or solution for a client – we do not simply offer options and ‘sit on the fence’.
  • We have excellent links with national sector bodies and the sector regulators, ensuring we have the right level of understanding of the operating environment, strategic contacts and business intelligence.

As you can see our offer is wide and varied, meeting a range of client requirements across the breadth of their businesses.

  • We provide value for money.
  • We provide the very best solutions delivered by some of the sector’s best practitioners.
  • We place quality at a premium.

What we do

Strategy and governance

  • Strategy development
  • Group structures and mergers
  • Board recruitment, development and appraisal
  • Regulatory compliance, risk and IDA preparation
  • Care and support
  • Governance reviews


  • Human resources
  • Information management and technology
  • Interim management
  • Project management

Business transformation and change

  • Organisational reviews
  • VFM and efficiency reviews
  • Stock transfer and rationalisation
  • Performance improvement
  • Policy development and research

To find out more visit www.dtp.uk.com