Frequently asked questions about shared ownership

Shared ownership, as with any property purchasing option, is a complex topic. It may be the ideal way for you to get on the ladder but before you commit to anything you should fully understand how it works.

We have had lots of questions from various campaigners and advocates about our approach and our position on various housing policies relating to shared ownership. We want to answer these questions in detail so we have produced these FAQs. 

We have also produced FAQs for people who are new to shared ownership.

Housing associations are not-for-profit providers of social and affordable housing and by nature don’t generate profits. Any additional funds they raise through shared ownership are reinvested into delivering their social purpose such as community services and regeneration, providing support to vulnerable people. 

Q1. What about other affordable home options?

Q2. What's the value of shared ownership homes?

Q3. How can you buy your property outright?

Q4. What does being a leaseholder mean?

Q5. Do I need to pay for cladding and what's EWS1?

Q6. Why is it considered ownership?

Q7. Can you lose investment if you can't pay rent?

Q8. Is shared ownership another form of renting?

Who to speak to

Marie Chadwick, Policy Leader