Supply survey

Tell us how many homes you're building

We’re collecting information from housing associations on the number of homes they have started and completed.

For quarter four 2019/20, the deadline for responses is 2 October. If you're a developing housing association, please get in touch to let us know your figures.

Why are we doing this?

Although the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government publishes various house building figures they do not cover all delivery by housing associations – for example, some delivery through Section 106 agreements or built outside of the Affordable Homes Programme.

To get a clearer and fuller picture of the level and breadth of development activity of housing associations, we conduct a quarterly supply survey, collecting data on new development directly from developing organisations. The high response rate we consistently achieve means we can demonstrate the full extent of development activity engaged in and funded by our members.

Collecting the data

Each quarter, we collect data from housing associations who are building new homes. For quarter four 2019/20, the deadline for responses is 2 October.

If you are building new homes and do not receive an email from us requesting your development figures, please get in touch.


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Who to speak to

Rob Cowley, Assistant Analyst