Regulations to enact Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry recommendations

The Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry Phase 1 has made a series of recommendations that will require a change in the law to enact. The government was due to introduce regulations to parliament in autumn 2021 to bring forward some of the Inquiry’s recommendations – we’ll update this webpage when further information is available.  

The regulations will bring forward changes on inspection regimes for fire doors and lifts, and information to be shared with residents and with fire and rescue services. Some regulations will apply to buildings differently depending on the building’s height and we will be working closely with the Home Office on the supporting guidance that will accompany the new regulations, due for publication towards the end of 2021.

Specifically on fire door regulations, in multi-occupied residential buildings of 11m or more, housing associations will be required to make their ‘best endeavours’ to check flat entrance doors on an annual basis, and conduct quarterly checks of all fire doors in the common parts.