Resident engagement

Housing associations want to work in partnership with residents to achieve the highest standards of building safety.

In our response to the Building a Safer Future consultation (section 4.7), we outline our members’ views on a number of different aspects of working with residents on building safety issues, including:

  • The proposed resident duty to cooperate.
  • Time, resource and capacity considerations.
  • Resident requirements and safeguards.
  • Communication of fire safety information.
  • The proposed mandatory resident engagement strategy.

Our Together with Tenants work, which aims to create a stronger relationship between residents and housing associations, provides a useful framework for working with residents on building safety issues.

In particular, it makes provisions for residents to work more closely with their landlords when making decisions that affect their homes, and also addresses issues around the clarity of communications, and being transparent and accountable at board level.  

Who to speak to

Victoria Moffett, Head of Building and Fire Safety Programmes