Government advice on remediation

On 21 July 2021, the government published a statement from a group of independent experts on building safety in medium and lower-rise blocks of flats. It advocated a proportionate, risk-based and affordable approach to managing safety risks in buildings 11-18m, including the use of mitigation methods.

The advice also referred to evidence on the risk of fire in these buildings, and promised further work later this year on the extent to which cladding needs to be replaced in these buildings, or whether risks can be mitigated instead. We are seeking clarity on this from the government – in the meantime you can read more on the government’s website.

The statement also referred to the government’s plans to withdraw its advice on remediation contained in the document building safety advice for building owners, including fire doors (updated November 2020).

The document will be replaced by a Publicly Available Standard on external wall assessment (PAS 9980), currently being developed by the British Standards Institute. 

Read our response to the PAS 9980 consultation.