We understand that many leaseholders must feel powerless in this frustrating situation. There are however some really valuable actions you can take to increase mortgage lenders’ understanding of the issue and to help us call for more government support.

Contacting your mortgage provider

If you are unable to access mortgage finance, speak to your lender. For people looking to remortgage, or buy a flat in a property below 18m in height, the EWS1 form should not apply. It is worth raising this point with them, even though they still ultimately have the discretion not to provide a mortgage without one.

Contacting your MP

Your MP is there to represent your issues to the government, by raising them in Parliament. A number of MPs are already calling on the government to resolve the EWS1 issue and provide further funding for remedial works so that leaseholders don’t have to pay unfair bills. By adding your voice, you can help ensure that the issue is given due attention by the government. You can find out who your MP is by visiting theyworkforyou.com and entering your postcode into the search tool.

Contacting the media

Many national news outlets are reporting on people struggling to sell as a result of EWS1, as well as the unaffordable bills they might be facing for remedial work. It helps journalists to keep a story in the news if they have a new angle to it, and one such angle could be different personal circumstances. You could either directly contact a journalist who has written about the story, or submit a letter to an editor setting out your views.

Joining campaign groups

There are lots of campaign groups that have been established in recent months to raise awareness of the issue or press the government for further action. UK Cladding Action Group is a nationwide group for leaseholders in buildings with combustible cladding and there are some regional cladding action groups too. The best way to contact these groups is on social media.