Our asks on risk prioritisation

We have been arguing for a risk-based approach to prioritising building safety remediation work in existing buildings. We therefore welcome the government’s statement on remediating lower and medium rise buildings according to risk through the use of mitigation methods where this is appropriate.

However, we would also like to see a risk-based approach to remediating high-rise buildings that have building safety concerns. This approach recognises that there are other factors beyond a building’s height that affect its risk profile, and would enable limited resources and capacity in our sector and those we work with to be focused first on those buildings that need them most urgently. We are calling on the government to coordinate all the resources necessary to remediate and direct them first to buildings that need them most.

We are also calling for the Building Safety Fund deadlines to be more flexible to allow housing associations to remediate high-rise buildings that present a greater risk, as a priority. As it stands, an unintended consequence of Building Safety Fund conditions is that buildings with leaseholders, as opposed to social housing tenants, may be prioritised for remedial works.