EDI data tool: comparing your workforce to your local community

We have been working with a group of housing association members to drive progress towards a more diverse cohort of leaders across the housing association sector. This will inspire more diverse talent, build trust within our communities, allow better business decisions and develop inclusive environments for people to flourish.

In November the NHF launched our Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in housing association staff in England report, which looked at the current landscape of housing staff across the country. The insight report addressed data gaps and showed that where we do have EDI data, it shows just how far we have to go.

What is the EDI data tool?

This brand new tool developed by the NHF enables housing associations to compare workforces to the communities they serve. By supporting the sector to better understand the diverse characteristics of their residents, and how their workforces compare to them, we are ensuring the sector forms a solid foundation for ensuring sector leadership is diverse, and that housing association workplaces embrace equality.

How does it work?

When housing associations identify themselves from a drop down menu, the spreadsheet automatically pulls together the diverse characteristics of people who live in their stock locations using existing national datasets. So while it is not the exact resident data, it is a speedy way of gaining a greater understanding of the diverse characteristics of those living in their homes.

Housing associations will then type in their workforce diversity data. The tool then enables housing associations to compare workforce to population in stock location, executive to staff and board to staff for all nine protected characteristics.

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