Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit

Inclusive recruitment is pivotal to ensure that your organisation’s values and ethos are shared by both board members and staff.

It’s the first step an organisation can take to ensure they are recruiting as fairly and widely as possible for their vacancies.

It means you are accessing all available talent and reaping the benefits of diversity, such as improved business decisions and greater trust.

Created with consultants Altair and Green Park, this guide details how board members, governance and HR teams can best set up your recruitment campaign to meet equality, diversity and inclusion considerations. It includes:

  • What inclusive recruitment is.
  • Why this is important for boards.
  • The social justice and business case for EDI.
  • The importance of language and culture.
  • How to improve the recruitment process, from job advert to appointment.

The advice is designed to ensure you are recruiting in the most equal, diverse and inclusive way, providing the best opportunity for your organisation to improve skills, effectiveness and representation.

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