BSHR recommendation 7

Recommendation 7: 'Housing associations should support residents and frontline staff to undertake an annual review of the progress each organisation is making in implementing this review's recommendations.' 
Read recommendation 7 in full in the Better Social Housing Review.  
Key actions suggested by the independent BSHR panel include:

  • Work with tenants and frontline staff to examine how well your organisation is doing in terms of implementing all of the other six BSHR recommendations. 
  • Find ways to overcome the challenges and barriers you face in doing so.

The NHF and CIH’s work so far 

In December, we will publish a joint update for members and our external stakeholders, to showcase the work that’s going on, and the things that have already changed.  
We know it will take time for housing associations to implement the BSHR recommendations and for the impact of these changes to be felt by residents.  
Next year we plan to publish case studies of housing associations that have successfully made changes and are monitoring them. We hope these will be useful learning for senior housing association leaders who want to implement the BSHR recommendations and monitor their impact.  
We are running events and webinars related to all of the recommendations from the BSHR.  
Read about the other six BSHR recommendations