FAQs around signing up

Important update

In responding to the coronavirus outbreak, the government has taken the unprecedented step of suspending the housing market, advising people not to buy, sell or move home. In light of this official advice, we’ve taken the decision to temporarily pause our shared ownership campaign promotion and advertising activity. We do recognise however that this crisis is a fast-changing situation, and we’ll be reviewing the decision to pause on a monthly basis.

For all your other questions about our campaign, find out more below.

Who are the member steering group?

The steering group is working with the project team and partner agency, DesignStudio, to provide expertise and insight, creative and constructive feedback, and help deliver our ambition for the project.

The role of the group is to:

  • act as a sounding board to inform this work
  • provide context around regional variations
  • support in mitigating any campaign risks
  • act as champions to promote the campaign and its ambitions
  • assist on building external stakeholder relationships.

Steering group members:

  • Amy Nettleton – Assistant Development Director, Sales and Marketing, Aster Group UK
  • Jim Munson – Head of Sales and Marketing, Notting Hill Genesis
  • Kush Rawal – Director of Residential Investment, Metropolitan Thames Valley
  • Louise Gregory – Head of Sales and Marketing, Moat
  • Paresh Laxhman – Head of Land, Planning and Sales, Rooftop Housing Group
  • Rob Poole – OSUK Managing Director, Halton Housing
  • Sandy Kelly – Head of Sales, Onward
  • Sarah Clarke – Head of Sales and Marketing, EMH group
  • Steve Moseley – Director, Research, Strategy and Communications, L&Q
  • Tariq Qureshi – Director of Sales and Marketing, Southern Housing Group
  • Tim Seward – Director of Sales & Marketing, Clarion 

Who are our campaign partners?

To help us shape and deliver the campaign, we’ve partnered with leaders in each of their chosen fields. 

We’ve been working with global branding agency DesignStudio to explore shared ownership as a product and also the experience. Together, we’ve done extensive engagement with housing associations and the public across the country to explore the challenges and opportunities of the campaign. With DesignStudio, we’ve delivered a creative solution designed to raise the profile of shared ownership and bust those myths and misconceptions.

We have also appointed Property Booking to look at the customer journey. Together, we’ve built a website for the public which explains what shared ownership is (and isn’t). Once the customer is fully informed about shared ownership, if they think it could be right for them, they then have the opportunity to search and view homes in their area on the Property Booking portal which links from our site. This is where campaign supporters can list their properties free of charge, and generate quality enquiries for their homes.

To help us launch the shared ownership campaign to the public, we appointed media agency Adgenda Media International (AMI). AMI clearly demonstrated the importance of building brand awareness for this campaign, and by working with us and also conducting their own research, have devised a media schedule to raise the profile of shared ownership across many key audience groups and locations in the country.

As well as paid-for media, we know PR will be a hugely valuable vehicle to help us tell the shared ownership story and to set the record straight on the product. To run the PR activity, we’ve partnered with Camargue who are helping us to secure national and local media coverage, with an aim to tell the different stories and sides of shared ownership, explain the benefits and bust the misconceptions of the product, so that everyone can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for them.

What is the campaign timeline?

January 2020

  • National advertising launch: first burst of advertising activity
  • National and regional media story
  • Various actions and activities for supporters


  • National advertising continues (digital focus)
  • Parliamentary event and launch
  • Content partnership

April onwards

  • The campaign to explore the shared ownership experience and satisfaction
  • Continued advertising activity
  • New series of themed campaign bursts
  • Days of action and political engagement
  • Updates to the campaign resources

How will our media strategy work?


Together, we devised four key principles that underpin our advertising strategy:

  1. Our activity should complement the work housing associations do. Our primary focus is to raise the profile of shared ownership with those who know it exists but have misconceptions about the product, and with those who don’t know about it at all.
  2. As this is a brand awareness campaign, we want to cut through the industry noise.
  3. Our campaign needs to talk to lots of different audiences across the country.
  4. We will secure our media space and review our targeting strategies at each phase of the campaign. Doing this will allow us to be flexible and to optimise the campaign to the best performing media.
  • Phase 1: January – March 2020
  • Phase 2: April – TBC
  • Phase 3: July – TBC


We have identified core audience groups to target with the paid-for media campaign. It’s never been harder for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder so they are our priority audience, but we are also looking to connect with to additional groups who may also need shared ownership:

  • Private renters / those that live with mum and dad
  • Middle market with a change in life circumstances
  • Older buyer looking at the opportunity to downsize.

Media type

We want to cut through the industry noise and standout. We will do this by being present across a mixture of traditional and non-traditional environments, and we will use a multi-platform approach to make sure we’re engaging with audiences at all the right touch points.

Media will include:

  • Out-of-home
  • Print
  • Social media
  • Bespoke mobile
  • Digital display
  • Google PPC (pay-per-click)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Localities for the advertising

Our advertising will appear in each region in England.   

The campaign’s digital advertising will always be on and adverts will be weighted towards where they will have the most impact and where campaign supporters tell us they have shared ownership homes available.

Our print and out of home advertising will appear in hubs across the country. Our Phase 1 out of home burst will run in key locations across England:

  • Birmingham
  • Cambridge
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • London
  • Newcastle

These cities will offer us maximum exposure to large audience groups, and we can localise the marketing so that it’s relevant to each city. For each phase of the campaign, we will place advertising in different locations to ensure we maximise impact across the country.

As well as looking for maximum exposure, we will also prioritise our focus and targeting to minimise wastage. To do this, we’ve looked at where our campaign supporters operate in order to support the shared ownership market in their areas.


We know insight and analysis into the campaign’s performance will be key for members and we want to share this with you.

We will provide regular updates to all members so they can engage with the campaign.

For campaign supporters we will provide quarterly detailed reporting on the campaign’s performance. For example, local market insight, audience engagement stats with online media and budget deployment across regions and media type.

We’ll also organize regular workshops for supporters so we can review the campaign and hear first-hand from you what’s working and not. We’ll also share with you our learnings and plans for the campaign. Dates will be circulated following launch.

For more information on shared ownership, please visit our website at sharedownership.net

Who to speak to

Ella Cheney, Shared Ownership Programme Manager