How is supported housing funded?

Despite the many benefits of supported housing, it faces the difficulties of reduced revenue funding, and the wider housing crisis.

Why does it cost more?

Supported housing costs differ from general needs social housing because support and care services are provided in addition to housing management. This means that more staff are needed, and often adaptations to homes are required, which both increase costs.

Without supported housing, there would be a lack of appropriate support for people that are in need. This can result in huge costs to public services and, in some cases, create serious antisocial behaviour problems.

Appropriate housing and support is vital for helping people to move on from dependency to an independent, healthy life. It also connects people to services, work and training opportunities and social contacts.

Our commitment to quality

While the Government have confirmed that housing costs for supported housing will be retained in the benefit system, they are committed to ensuring there is proper oversight of this spending, focusing on both the quality of the accommodation and value for money.

We're working closely with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Department for Work and Pensions to ensure that any changes proposed work for both our members and their tenants.