Partnership case study: ‘Wellbeing service’ by Stafford and Rural Homes

In the wake of the Supporting People cuts, Stafford and rural homes has funded a wellbeing service that offers support and advice to the more vulnerable customers living in our Independent Living Schemes across Stafford Borough.

Our challenge

Since the Supporting People fund has been withdrawn there are now vulnerable customer aged 55 and over who are in need of support and monitoring. Of the customers referred to the service for reasons such as support with social isolation or concern around wellbeing, nearly half have been assessed as having poor mental health and/or dementia.

Our solution                                       

Our customers can access the wellbeing service for up to 12 weeks. There is an initial assessment and agreed goals are developed between the staff member and the customer. At the end of the work the service will signpost and refer the customer to other agencies should further or specialised work need to take place.

Our impact

By agreeing goals and the methods by which we achieve these goals with our customers, we are effective in improving our customer wellbeing. We have also developed strong relationships with other agencies who we signpost and refer to. As a result  98% of our customers report that they feel optimistic about their future and 97% reporting that they are feeling confident.