Ambitious and efficient housing associations tell own story with ‘Sector Scorecard’

Housing associations are ambitious, efficient and accountable, the ‘Sector Scorecard’ pilot analysis report has revealed today (Tuesday 31 October).

31 October 2017

Backed by the National Housing Federation and welcomed by Government, the Sector Scorecard aims to create an agreed set of metrics for housing providers to benchmark their performance and check they are providing value for money.

Today’s report reveals findings and learnings from a year-long pilot programme, based on data collected for the year ending 31 March 2017. A full launch is planned for 2018 following an evaluation exercise of the pilot phase.

The Sector Scorecard, developed and overseen by the Sector Scorecard Advisory Group, demonstrates the sector’s serious commitment to accountability and continuous improvement.

Measurements and data for the pilot, collected and analysed by HouseMark and Acuity, range from the number of new homes built by housing associations to customer satisfaction.

Key findings of the Sector Scorecard pilot include:

  • Participants completed nearly 40,000 new homes in 2016/17, almost a quarter of the UK total
  • Between eight and nine out of 10 tenants are satisfied with the overall service they’ve received from their housing provider
  • Housing associations have 99 of 100 of their homes occupied, demonstrating effective asset and stock management
  • Most landlords’ expenditure on routine repairs is less than the amount spent on planned works.

Engagement for the pilot was strong and varied, with participating housing associations’ annual turnovers ranging from under £100,000 to more than £450m. Over 300 housing associations owning and managing 2.4m homes took part, representing more than 80% of housing association stock in the UK.

Mark Henderson, Chief Executive of Home Group, said:

“Accountability has never been more important in the housing sector. Through a constant drive for efficiency in what we do, we can only increase the value we’re able to deliver to our current and future customers.

“It has been incredibly rewarding to see the Sector Scorecard through right from the very start of the project to running such a successful large-scale pilot.”

David Orr, Chief Executive at the National Housing Federation, said:

“It is fantastic to see housing associations take leadership on the important issue of efficiency. It is vital that our sector tells its own story on its efficiency and the positive impact it has on communities right across the country.

“The pilot has been a great success and paints a fascinating picture of our vibrant and diverse sector’s impact. The next phase is crucial, and the full Sector Scorecard launch will equip housing associations to report, identify trends and challenge areas of improvement.”

Laurice Ponting, Chief Executive at HouseMark, said:

“I am really pleased that HouseMark, along with Acuity, have been able to help shape and deliver this important initiative on behalf of the sector scorecard group.  It is particularly impressive that the pilot year includes data from all parts of the sector, including organisations right across the UK.

“Individual organisations require access to a range of information to underpin strategic decision making and to tell their individual efficiency story. The sector scorecard is an important and welcome addition in helping the sectors’ narrative around value for money.”

Notes to editors:

Data collection and analysis for the Sector Scorecard was provided by HouseMark and, for organisations with fewer than 1,000 homes, by Acuity.

See further details on the Sector Scorecard Working Group