Landmark agreement to help ‘deliver the homes that Sheffield City Region needs’

6 December 2016

A landmark agreement between local authorities and housing providers in the Sheffield City Region will drive the economy and help deliver much-needed affordable homes, Councillors and sector leaders have said this week.

Key political and housing figures from across the city have signed a ‘Housing Compact’, demonstrating their commitment to working together to solve the housing crisis and meet the needs of those living and working in the City Region.

Speaking at its launch on Monday 5 December 2016, senior leaders at the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority praised the deal for creating a crucial common purpose.

Councillor Sir Stephen Houghton CBE, Leader of Barnsley Council, said:

“We are pleased to be involved in this fantastic collaboration. Partnership working across the city is essential if we are to deliver more affordable housing and achieve ambitions of growth in our communities.

“The Housing Compact is a positive initiative that has the genuine potential to improve the lives and economic wellbeing of people across the Sheffield City Region.”

Simon Greaves, Leader of Bassetlaw District Council, said:

“The Compact underpins a shared commitment to ensuring that all our people, including the most vulnerable, can access good quality affordable housing.

“Each area in the city region has its own unique housing need but we can work together to secure the funding and investment required to deliver the homes we need.”

David Orr, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, said:

“Strong local leadership is vital if we are to solve the housing crisis. This agreement represents an excellent opportunity for the Sheffield City Region.

“Housing associations will use their local knowledge to work with partners across the City Region to grow the economy, regenerate communities, create jobs and help end the local housing crisis.

“This partnership can also play a key role in improving skills, job opportunities and health and social care for local communities.”

Tony Stacey, Chief Executive of South Yorkshire Housing Association, said:

“We’re delighted to be centrally involved in creating this compact and promoting support for it. All local authorities, local associations and arms-length management organisations (ALMOs) have now signed up to it.

“From a standing start less than a year ago, we have put the issues which potentially divided us behind us. The compact will ensure that social housing plays its full part in ramping up new housing supply and that the needs of the most vulnerable people continue to be met.”

The Sheffield City Region Housing Compact is a unique collaboration between housing associations, local authorities and arms-length management organisations (ALMOs) operating in the Sheffield City Region, which between them own and manage over one fifth of all homes in the area.

It demonstrates a joint commitment to meeting housing need and creating balanced and sustainable communities across the City Region.

Recent National Housing Federation research shows that the cost of the average Sheffield home is now over seven times the average local salary, putting homeownership out of reach for hundreds of thousands of people.

It also found that the average buyer would need a 64% pay rise to afford a standard mortgage on an average local home, and in the Sheffield City Region alone there has been a shortfall of nearly 10,000 homes since 2011.

Notes to editors

Local authorities, housing associations and arms-length management organisations (ALMOs) from across the Sheffield City Region can sign the Compact to demonstrate a commitment to working collaboratively and by the core values of fairness, openness and transparency.

The objectives of the Compact are to:

  • Expand the supply of new housing across all tenures and help the City Region meet its targets for housing growth
  • Create sustainable and thriving communities
  • Support and invest in existing stock
  • Understand the products and services needed to meet housing need
  • Ensure vulnerable people can continue to access good quality affordable housing
  • Enhance and increase opportunities for joint working and shared services across a range of delivery areas
  • Maximise opportunities provided by national policies and funding streams, and ensure they are coherent at a local level
  • Engage with the wider public sector reform agenda, including employment and skills, crime and policing, health and social care and poverty.