Building a Safer Future – implications for development teams

Our briefing will help housing association development teams to understand the implications of the Government’s proposed new building safety regime.

27 November 2019

This briefing will help housing association development teams to understand the impact of the new building safety regulatory regime. We are also seeking views from development teams on some key questions, which will help us to engage with the Government on the new regime. 

The proposed new regime builds on the recommendations of the Hackitt Review. The Government consulted on proposals for the new regime over the summer, and we responded on behalf of the sector. We expect that any new government will take this work forward as a matter of priority.

Our briefing covers three key points in the Building a Safer Future proposals that are likely to have an impact on development teams:

  • The client as a dutyholder – new roles and responsibilities proposed under the new system.
  • The proposed gateways – what needs to happen at different stages of the design and construction process, and prior to occupation.
  • The transition period – how the new regime will be applied to developments in scope that are already underway.

Download the briefing

We’ve set out some questions that we’d like your feedback on in order to better understand what the proposals will mean for development teams. This will enable us to engage more effectively with the Government to ensure that the new system works for housing association development teams.

We are looking for feedback from development teams by Friday 13 December. You can share your views with us by emailing us your answers to the questions set out in the briefing.