Comprehensive Spending Review submission 2015

Our formal submission to the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review talks about the role of the sector in tackling the housing crisis and the package of conditions that are essential if housing associations are to make the fullest contribution possible.

15 September 2015

We made a submission to the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review 2015 on Friday 4 September.

The Review, which was launched by the Chancellor in July, is the chance for the Government to take stock of spending commitments across all departments and set out a new settlement that eliminates the deficit by 2019/20. 

Key themes of the 2015 review are the strengthening the long term economic security of the country by moving to a “higher wage, lower welfare, lower tax economy that is more productive”, wholesale public sector reform, and making greater strides towards devolution.

The Federation's formal response references upfront the significant challenges housing associations face as a result of recent announcements, but primarily focuses on the constructive relationship the sector wants to have with the Government on tackling the housing crisis and expanding home ownership.

More specifically, we talk about the sector’s ambitions to develop more homes across all tenures, and how these plans are now – more than ever – dependent on there being the right set of conditions for housing associations to get on.