Data Sharing and Universal Credit

Read our submission to the DWP’s consultation on data sharing with social landlords about Universal Credit claims.

17 October 2014

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) consulted on changes that will allow information to be shared with social landlords about Universal Credit claims. The proposals would means that landlords would find out when their tenants are moving onto Universal Credit.

This is a positive step as the lack of data sharing arrangements within Universal Credit has been a considerable concern for housing associations. We have been working alongside associations to engage with the DWP on this issue and pushing for changes for over two years. 

The proposals outlined in the consultation document would allow DWP to share information with social landlords to identify any tenant who has made a claim for Universal Credit which includes housing costs, or who is already a Universal Credit recipient with housing costs.

Information would be shared for the purpose of allowing social landlords to assess and provide appropriate types of advices and support in relation to managing personal finances. The information shared would be limited and would likely include the claimant’s name, address and date of Universal Credit claim.

The full consultation document including the draft regulations can be found on the Government website