Home Truths 2016/17: South West

The Federation’s annual report on the housing market in the South West.

2 February 2017

Home Truths is the Federation’s annual snapshot of the housing market in England. It is published as nine separate regional reports and provides local data on affordability, unemployment rates and the shortfall in housing supply.

This report highlights the housing challenges that the South West faces, including that:

  • House prices are more than 10 times the average salary and households would need a pay rise of £33,600 to afford the average home.
  • House prices in rural areas are roughly £6,500 higher than in urban areas.

The report also illustrates how housing associations are providing solutions to these challenges, including that:

  • Last year housing associations in the South West built over 3,000 new homes, and started building over 3,000 more.
  • Over half (57%) of all new homes started were funded without government investment.

Our homes are for everybody – from those most in need, to young people, families and first time buyers, to older and more vulnerable people who may need support. We’ll continue to deliver across the mix to meet changing housing needs.

If you share our sense of purpose, let’s work together to end the housing crisis.