Homes for the Ox-Cam Arc

This publication promotes the role of housing associations in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc in helping the region to develop and grow.

9 December 2019

The Oxford-Cambridge Arc is an area of flourishing innovation and technology which already makes a huge contribution to the local and national economy.

The Arc has the potential to grow significantly but it needs many more new homes, including enough affordable homes, to support that growth.

Produced with the support of a steering group of housing associations in the Arc, this publication:

  • Sets out the contribution housing associations are already making in the region.
  • Outlines the potential housing associations have to help the region grow.
  • Showcases the role the whole housing sector can play in the Arc by investing in people and places, and contributing to the local economy.

Housing associations can use this resource to help build relationships with a range of stakeholders, and start conversations about the Arc with MPs, local authorities and Local Economic Partnerships.

Download Homes for the Ox-Cam Arc