Housing sites mapped: England’s most comprehensive brownfield land map

We’ve developed a digital resource that plots all brownfield land sites in England.

11 October 2018

Our new interactive map is designed to make it easier to locate available brownfield sites in England. It brings together, for the first time, comprehensive information on all brownfield sites in the country. 

It's easy to see, at a glance, where the sites are located, and the data is searchable by region, parliamentary constituency, local or combined authority, and ownership or planning status. 

The map also highlights the potential number of new homes that could be built in each area.

Take a look at Housing sites mapped: England's most comprehensive brownfield land map

How to use the Brownfield map

We've produced a briefing which details the main findings from the mapping exercise. You can download this here: Mapping brownfield sites in England – briefing

Let everyone know how much brownfield land there is in your area

Tweet an image to let others know how much brownfield land there is where you are.