Improving health through the home

The National Housing Federation and other representatives from the housing sector have worked with the key NHS and social care bodies to produce a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to aid the integration of housing, health and care. The MoU demonstrates to the health sector the central role of the home and related support services in improving the health and promoting the wellbeing of tenants and residents.

4 February 2015

The MoU sets out:

  • A shared commitment to joint action across government, health, social care and housing sectors, in England;
  • Principles for joint-working to deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes and to reduce health inequalities;
  • The context and framework for cross-sector partnerships, nationally and locally, to design and deliver: healthy homes, communities and neighbourhoods; integrated and effective services that meet individuals’, their carer’s/carers’ and their family’s needs;
  • A shared action plan to deliver these aims.