Longer tenancies in the private rented sector

The Federation has responded to the Government’s consultation paper on overcoming barriers to longer tenancies in the private rented sector.

3 September 2018

The essence of the Government's proposal is the promotion of a three-year form of tenancy for use in the private rented sector.

We argue that most private landlords, especially the smaller ones, are unlikely to use such a tenancy unless it is mandatory. We also point out that the consultation says nothing about the role and function that the Government envisages for the private rented sector, in view of which it is not possible to judge the merits of the proposal.

We do, however, raise a number of practical issues that are not adequately addressed in the consultation paper, and we also argue that the proposed form of tenancy, if it proceeds, should not be applied in the social housing sector, where landlords already grant tenancies giving much greater security than the three years proposed by Government.