Principles for devolution briefing

We’ve put together a paper setting out some broad principles that can make devolution work for housing associations.

8 December 2016

For housing associations, devolution can signal a significant change in their operating environment, as new approaches to housing, planning and public service reform are being developed collaboratively on a new geographical basis.

We’ve put together a paper that sets out some broad principles for devolution, which, if adhered to, will maximise the opportunities for housing associations which devolution presents and mitigates some of the risks.

The principles are as follows:

  • Devolution deals include a commitment to tackle the housing deficit.
  • A partnership approach to housing delivery.
  • Funding is flexible and responsive to locally agreed priorities.
  • Establish a mechanism to assess and release land and assets for housing development.
  • Strategic planning across local authority boundaries with ambitious housing targets.
  • Fiscal devolution is used as a tool to sharpen incentives for economic growth without undermining an area’s ability to deliver housing, regeneration and public services.
  • Regeneration.
  • Public sector reform - health and social care integration, and employment and skills.

We’d like housing associations to engage and respond to these principles set out here as part of the policy development process on devolution.