Proposal for a strong and sustainable future for supported and sheltered housing

The Federation has consulted extensively with our housing association members and stakeholders to develop our recommendation for a secure, sustainable funding model for supported and sheltered housing.

23 June 2016

This proposal is the result of extensive consultation with the sector, with 400 people attending workshops, 127 written consultation responses, and many one to one and steering group discussions – you can also download a summary of the responses to the consultation below.

The submission is based on three core principles that members told us must underpin any approach to funding supported housing:

  1. No-one with support needs should become homeless or end up in unsuitable accommodation.
  2. The actual housing and support costs of delivering a quality service will be fully met and funding will be flexible enough to meet changing levels of demand.
  3. Evidence of the quality and value for money of the services being funded will be clear to those who live in supported housing and to the taxpayer.

We are clear that any future funding approach that does not abide by these principles would simply not provide sufficient certainty about the Government’s commitment to the future of supported housing. We are also clear that the Government must remove the threat of the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) cap to give providers confidence to continue developing supported housing schemes while the funding system is reformed.

The funding proposal sets out what we believe is the best achievable framework for the sector, but it is by no means a final outcome. The Government is due to announce its preferred strategic direction of travel for supported housing by 21 July, and the proposal aims to influence that decision and lay the foundations for a secure and sustainable future.