Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety Interim Report: briefing

Our member briefing on the Interim Report of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety provides a summary of the key findings, recommendations, the response from the Government and the Federation, and an overview of the next steps.

20 December 2017

This review is a pivotal moment for the future of all building development and management, in both the private and public sectors.

Most notably the report signals the need for:

  • a new system of regulation and enforcement specifically for high-rise and complex buildings
  • better mechanisms for residents’ views to be heard and acted upon
  • cultural and behavioural change, led by building owners and landlords and establishing clear lines of responsibility for ensuring safety
  • a new accreditation system for those engaged in design, construction, inspection and maintenance of complex buildings 
  • a new approach to fire risk assessments in high-rise residential buildings, with assessments undertaken at least annually or when significant alterations are made, and shared with residents.

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