Sector Scorecard analysis report 2017

With data analysis provided by HouseMark, backed by the National Housing Federation and welcomed by the Government, the Sector Scorecard aims to create an agreed set of metrics for housing providers to compare their performance and check they are providing value for money.

31 October 2017

The full 2017 analysis report has published and reveals that housing associations are ambitious, efficient and accountable.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Participants completed nearly 40,000 new homes in 2016/17, almost a quarter of the UK total
  • Between eight and nine out of 10 tenants are satisfied with the overall service they’ve received from their housing provider
  • Housing associations have 99 of 100 of their homes occupied, demonstrating effective asset and stock management
  • Most landlords’ expenditure on routine repairs is less than the amount spent on planned works.

About the 2017 report

Today’s report reveals findings and learnings from a year-long pilot programme, based on data collected for the year ending 31 March 2017. A full launch is planned for 2018 following an evaluation exercise of the pilot phase.

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