Stop DSS discrimination campaign – study and report

We’ve published a report as part of our joint campaign with Shelter to end discrimination by letting agents against people on benefits.

8 November 2018

The report contains two studies. The first was carried out by the Federation, and assessed property rental adverts to determine how widespread the discrimination is and what impact it might have on the availability of properties to rent. The second was carried out by Shelter and involves online mystery shopping, expressing interest in rental properties advertised on Spareroom and Gumtree.

Our analysis of rental property adverts found that:

  • across England, more than 9,000 (one in ten) rental properties are being advertised unlawfully by excluding anyone who is claiming benefits
  • in some areas this percentage rises to nearly 60%.

The online mystery shopping study found that:

  • applicants who mentioned that they were claiming benefits were more than twice as likely to get negative responses as those who did not
  • landlords were nearly twice as likely to respond positively to approaches from non-claiming applicants than they were to those from applicants claiming benefits.

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