Submission to the Budget 2017

Housing associations are ready and able to play their part in helping to deliver a modern industrial strategy that builds a stronger economy and fairer society.

16 February 2017

The Federation has made a submission to the March Budget which sets out three key areas of the industrial strategy that housing associations are well placed to actively support and that measures in the Budget could power:

  1. Cultivating world-leading sectors – foster greater innovation, responsiveness and impact by giving housing associations rent freedom
    • Remove the biggest regulatory burden hampering the sector – government control over housing association rents
  2. Upgrading infrastructure – class housing as infrastructure and release land for housing associations to build
    • Include housing in the remit of the National Infrastructure Commission
    • Ensure land is locally coordinated, fairly sold and designated for housing in advance
  3. Driving growth across the whole country – a renewed focus on regeneration that frees up housing associations to do more
    • Put regeneration at the heart of the modern industrial strategy
    • Take a flexible approach to government investment that supports regeneration

To support this housing associations match £6 of private investment for every £1 of public money, offer flexibility in the way they use their existing resources and guarantee that all profits are reinvested in homes and communities. Through the Housing White Paper, the Government has committed to look at some of the issues we raise in our submission, including a commitment to discuss and set out a future rent settlement with the sector, a consultation on introducing a standardised approach to assessing housing need and a consultation on extending the flexibility for local authorities to sell land at less than best value. We look forward to working in partnership with the Government to deliver this work and build a country that works for everyone.