Supply Conversation – interim report

In January 2019, we began a sector-wide conversation with housing associations to explore how we can build more homes. Our interim report looks at the findings so far.

29 July 2019

The conversation focused on what we can do as a sector to increase supply, outside of the external challenges our members face.

This interim report sets out what we have discussed so far and outlines the four strongest themes to emerge:

  • Partnerships – encouraging more partnership working, both between housing associations and local authorities, and between our members
  • Skills – addressing the skills gap in our sector and retaining the skills we have
  • Risk – looking at how we can overcome risk aversion in an uncertain environment 
  • Ambition – installing a real sense of shared ambition across the sector through more sharing and collaboration

Download the report

If you haven't yet participated in the conversation and you'd like to feed in your thoughts and ideas, please email us – we'd like to hear from you.