Supported housing consultation submission

Our response to the Government’s consultation on the funding of supported housing focuses on ensuring the benefits of supported housing are maximised and positive outcomes for tenants continue.

9 February 2017

Following extensive engagement with members and research into various aspects of supported housing, we've put together a response to the Government's proposal for the future funding of supported housing.

Our submission covers the LHA cap and sheltered housing, as well as answering the questions set out in the Government’s consultation document. We make the case that to ensure the benefits of supported housing are maximised and positive outcomes for tenants continue, the Government should:

  • amend its proposal so that the funding element via the benefits system is paid at a higher level than the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate, both for supported and sheltered housing
  • ensure the ring-fence around money devolved to local authorities will be guaranteed for the long term and that this funding can only be used for housing costs for supported and sheltered tenants
  • ensure the devolved funding is an accurate reflection of existing spend with additional funding to reflect any growth in provision
  • minimise administration costs
  • protect vulnerable people through new statutory duties around preventative services and meeting the housing needs of people traditionally poorly served by local funding systems
  • avoid a postcode lottery of access to services
  • ensure existing tenants of supported and sheltered housing are offered transitional protection
  • establish a new national framework setting out key protections for tenants and services and ensuring consistency across local authorities,
  • pilot the new system in a range of different areas from April 2019 to test it thoroughly before its rolled out nationally.