Together with Tenants – updates and reflections

Our briefing for Federation members provides updates on the early adopter process, our work with the Government, and next steps.

25 October 2019

Our Together with Tenants initiative aims to build a stronger relationship between housing associations and residents. We published our Together with Tenants plan and charter in July 2019, following extensive consultation with housing associations, residents and stakeholders. The plan is currently being tested by our 133 early adopters, who are working with residents, staff and boards to implement the plan in a way that makes sense for their organisation.

Our briefing provides an update for Federation members on the Together with Tenants project so far. The briefing covers:

  1. The progress so far with early adopters.
  2. How the Tenant Advisory Panel and Member Steering Group are feeding into the process.
  3. Our work with the Government.
  4. General reflections on the project.
  5. Next steps.

Download the briefing

We've also published a leaflet with some of the key questions you should be asking within your organisation ahead of the sector-wide rollout of Together with Tenants. 

If you have any questions about Together with Tenants, please get in touch.