Universal Credit One Year In: The experiences of housing associations

Shared learning from housing associations and their tenants where Universal Credit has been introduced.

7 August 2014

The Federation is working closely with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and members in the areas where Universal Credit has been introduced. This report brings together the discussions from regular meetings along with detailed interviews we conducted with a number of associations in the North West and Hammersmith in May and June.

The report aims to provide information that will be useful to other housing association in their own preparations for Universal Credit, as well as to make recommendations to the DWP for improvements that need to be made to the system. It covers

  • Preparing for Universal Credit
  • Finding out a tenant is claiming Universal Credit
  • Universal Credit claimant journey
  • Impact of Universal Credit
  • Relationships
  • Recommendations and conclusions

We have also created an Executive Summary with top tips for housing associations, which outlines the key points of the full report and some factors that housing associations may want to think about when considering their own readiness for Universal Credit.