Working together for more homes

This report looks at how housing associations and local authorities can work together to tackle the housing crisis.

7 December 2017

In September 2017, the Government announced an additional £2bn investment in affordable housing, and stated it will encourage councils and housing associations to build homes for social rent in parts of the country where the need is greatest. This provides an additional incentive for local authorities and housing associations to work more closely to help resolve the housing crisis.

In building on the Government's announcement, this report:

  • explores the reasons why housing associations and local authorities are well placed to collaborate in order to deliver homes
  • highlights the goals and objectives they share, along with the complementary skills and resources that make them ideally suited to work together
  • covers the challenges the two sectors face in terms of providing affordable housing
  • suggests different models of collaboration as well as key principles for collaborating effectively (as shown in the graphic below)

Extensive research was undertaken as part of this work, including 12 in-depth interviews, a roundtable with senior officers from councils and housing associations, four case studies, and a survey of councils and housing associations.