Building resilience in an uncertain world - how smaller housing associations can cope with permacrisis

28 March 2023

As the wider environment in which housing associations operate has become more challenging, the expectations placed on boards and executives have increased. The demands of housing regulation aren’t getting any easier either.

It isn’t hard to identify the challenges: Brexit, Covid, Russia’s war in Ukraine, fuel price rises and the cost of living crisis, housing demand, increasing homelessness. These challenges affect a range of sectors. But for housing in particular, there is the legacy of regulation being scaled back by the government to focus on the governance and financial viability of housing providers, then the turnaround in approach following the Grenfell tragedy, and the cases of poorly maintained homes highlighted by the media, the Housing Ombudsman and the regulator.

This webinar explored how smaller associations can cope with this continuing change and growing pressures while remaining healthy and robust, and continuing to meet the expectations of their residents and stakeholders.


  • Sarah Finnegan, Head of Member Relations, National Housing Federation
  • Greg Campbell, Partner, Campbell Tickell

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