Homelessness – the ‘hidden’ rural crisis

03 July 2023

To kick off Rural Housing Week 2023, we hosted a webinar on the 'hidden' homelessness crisis in rural areas.


  • Understanding the extent of homelessness in rural areas, and the impact this is having on communities and services.
  • Exploring the collaboration between rural housing associations, homelessness charities and other key stakeholders to support those in need in their communities.
  • Recommendations for future homelessness and rough sleeping strategies – how to ensure support is tailored to rural needs.  


  • Rob Anderson, Head of Implementation and Policy, Centre for Homelessness Impact
  • Bob Barnett, Strategic Housing Officer, Herefordshire Council
  • Carin Tunaker, Lecturer of Law, University of Kent

Who to speak to

Patrick Merton-Jones, External Affairs Manager