Housing Counts

19 October 2022

Housing Counts is a tool from the National Housing Federation, bringing together relevant housing data into one place for members to explore.

Uncover the real stories within the housing sector by exploring our data. You can compare multiple statistics in multiple locations and even see how these have changed over time.

What can you access?

There are two aspects to Housing Counts:

  • Stories - Our pick of topical or influential trends emerging in recent housing data which have particular relevance to housing associations’ work or support the sector’s media, policy and campaigning.
  • Data - The full range of data with an easy to use interface allowing more detailed queries. Users can select up to 10 geographical areas and areas of interest to compare and download charts and tables for use in reports, presentations or online. The raw data behind these graphs can also be downloaded for further exploration.

Housing Counts is regularly updated to provide you with the most accurate data available.

Watch our introduction to Housing Counts video below for more information.


How to access Housing Counts?

To access Housing Counts new users are required to register and create an account. 

If you are experiencing any login problems, please contact us.

Access Housing Counts