Our submission to the HCLG Committee coronavirus inquiry on homelessness and the PRS

01 May 2020

We have submitted a response on behalf of the housing association sector to the HCLG Committee inquiry on the impact of coronavirus on homelessness, rough sleeping, and the private rented sector (PRS).

Our submission addresses the following questions from the government:

  1. How effective has the support provided by MHCLG and other government departments been in addressing the impact of coronavirus on those in the private rented sector, rough sleepers, and the homeless?
  2. What problems remain a current and immediate concern for these groups?
  3. What might be the immediate post-lockdown impacts for these groups, and what action is needed to help with these?

In our submission we focus on homelessness and rough sleeping and highlight that:

  • There must be a plan to rehouse those who are in self-isolation accommodation into suitable, permanent housing with appropriate support.
  • This must sit alongside guidance on how this can be done successfully and planning to overcome practical barriers.
  • Long-term thinking must also be applied to prevent further homelessness after we emerge from the current crisis.

Housing associations can be part of this recovery work and ensuring a sustainable end to homelessness, provided that adequate funding is available and ongoing guidance fosters partnership working.

Who to speak to

Suzannah Young, Policy Leader