Conservative Party manifesto

22 January 2020

What was in the Conservative Party manifesto and what does it means for housing associations?

The Conservative Party manifesto contains announcements on:

  • Renewing the Affordable Homes Programme.
  • Supporting the continued supply of social homes.
  • Simplifying shared ownership by setting a single standard for all housing associations.
  • Proposing that Section 106 contributions be used to fund discounted homes for sale.
  • Implementing the recommendations from the Hackitt Review and the first phase of the Grenfell Inquiry.
  • Publishing a social housing white paper, focusing on increasing supply and tenant empowerment.
  • Enforcing the Homelessness Reduction Act and ending rough sleeping by expanding programmes such as the Rough Sleeping Initiative and Housing First
  • Continuing to roll out of Universal Credit, while promising to ensure it works better for the most vulnerable, and confirmation that the benefit freeze will end.
  • The proposed Right to Shared Ownership is not included, but there are proposals to further pilot the Voluntary Right to Buy.

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