A Home for Everyone

22 January 2020

We've identified five housing priorities for the new government. Together, we can make Britain’s housing market work for everyone. 

Build homes for social rent and ownership

  • The new government can end homelessness and boost social and economic opportunities for millions by committing to an ambitious £12.8bn-a-year housebuilding programme.
  • Housing associations will help make this a reality, bringing funding, expertise and a long heritage in communities around England.

Right now, the government can give certainty on the future of the Affordable Homes Programme by committing to a ten-year programme, including substantial funding for social rent and shared ownership homes across the country.

Make sure everyone feels safe in their home

  • Nothing is more important than making homes safe and, as the potential scale of safety remedial works becomes clearer, the government can bring the clarity, leadership and funding needed to ensure resident safety.
  • Housing associations are working urgently to remediate potentially unsafe homes and bring about change to make homes safe in the future.

Right now, the government can take a lead on coordinating urgent remedial works to ensure resources and efforts are directed to the buildings that need them most.

Invest in places to bring the country together

  • The government can deliver its ambition to level up the nation by creating a holistic, place-based vision for regeneration that has quality homes at its heart using the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, the Towns Fund and Affordable Homes Programme.
  • Housing associations can work with government, local authorities and others to make this a reality on the ground, using their skills, knowledge and networks to regenerate communities around the country.

Right now, the government can invest at least £1bn extra a year in place-based regeneration, including housing, to help level up the country.

Deliver a new deal for social housing with residents at the heart

  • The new government can set out a new deal for social housing in the upcoming White Paper, including stronger regulation that protects the rights and interests of residents.
  • Housing associations will continue to work in partnerships with residents, strengthening relationships and creating a culture that values resident voices and experiences. Via the Together with Tenants initiative, our sector has taken the lead on defining what good and excellent looks like in terms of resident oversight and accountability, and we believe we are aware of the challenges that need addressing.

Right now, the government can confirm their commitment to strengthen consumer regulation and ensure residents and housing associations have a strong voice in the White Paper.  

Develop a fair and effective support and welfare system

  • We need a fair and effective welfare system as well as long-term funding for supported housing. Together these can help end homelessness and give people the support and opportunities they deserve, and achieve significant savings to the NHS and social care.
  • Housing associations will continue to offer high quality supported housing and invest in services that help people manage their housing costs, prevent homelessness and support people moving on to Universal Credit. 

Right now, the government can make improvements to Universal Credit and ring-fence £1.4bn across England to fund the support costs of supported housing.

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