Safety tests

In this section you can review the latest information and current advice from the Government around safety tests and upcoming remedial work.

Read on to find out the latest news and advice around safety tests.

Latest information

  • New advice from the Government  has confirmed that spandrel panels (also including window panels and infill panels) should be considered a part of the external wall of a building.
  • Building owners are being asked to check the materials used in these panels to ensure that they do not present a risk of fire spread over the wall.

Current advice

  • The Government has completed its assessment of fire risks associated with non-ACM cladding products. It continues to encourage building owners with concerns about materials used on tall buildings to read the Government's note on external wall systems that do not incorporate Aluminium Composite Material
  • The advice states that “for buildings over 18m, the clearest way to ensure they do not present a risk of fire spread is to confirm that materials are limited combustibility or better. Where the panels do not meet this classification, the most appropriate means of remediation is to remove and replace the panels, however professional advice should be sought first.”
  • The Government has also published an advice note for owners of residential buildings over 18m in height with high pressure laminate (HPL) systems (advice note 22, July 2019). Advice note 22 confirms that the combination of HPL panels with stone wool insulation achieved the required performance criteria, but advises building owners to take action on any existing buildings where HPL panels are used in combination with combustible insultation. 

Further resources:

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