LEPs, City Deals and Core Cities

Find out about Local Enterprise Partnerships, City Deals and Core Cities

Local Enterprise Partnerships

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) are a partnership between businesses in local areas and local authorities. Each LEP has two key priorities to increase jobs and economic growth. Locally, they set their own targets which can include actions on planning, housing and other infrastructure priorities. There are 39 LEPs across England.

City Deals and Core Cities

City Deals move away from a 'one size fits all' approach to urban policy, offering cities the chance to gain certain powers (such as taxation) in exchange for proposals on how they will support private sector growth and the freedoms they need to achieve this. Find out more about City Deals

There are eight Core Cities, outside of London and they have been granted more powers locally to support growth and new jobs in their areas. Find out more about the Core Cities.