Housing SORP governance

Find out how housing associations and partner organisations are involved in developing and maintaining the Housing SORP following its revision in 2018. You can also see a list of SORP working party group members.

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is the prescribed body for issuing accounting standards in the UK. In addition to adhering to accounting standards, housing associations are obliged to produce financial statements which comply with the Housing Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).

SORPs may only be issued by SORP-making bodies. A SORP-making body is a body that has been recognised by the FRC for the purpose of producing the SORP for a particular industry or sector. SORP-making bodies have a responsibility to act in the public interest when developing and issuing a SORP.

The Housing SORP is drafted by the SORP-making body in accordance with the Policy and Code of Practice on SORPs set by the FRC.

SORP-making body (SMB)

The SMB is responsible for developing and maintaining the Housing SORP. Membership of the SMB includes:

  • the chief executives from the four national housing federations of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • the Chair of the SORP Working Party (SWP)
  • a professional advisor which is independent of the SWP.

There are also attendees in an observer capacity, including:

  • SWP technical advisor (PwC)
  • SWP secretariat (National Housing Federation).

The SMB has delegated drafting of the Housing SORP to the SWP – see below.

Terms of reference (PDF, opens in new window).

SORP Working Party (SWP)

The SWP is responsible for advising the SMB on issues arising from the UK accounting framework relating to housing associations and carry out the detailed work of developing, drafting and maintaining the Housing SORP. Rob Griffiths, Chief Financial Officer of Longhurst Group, is chair of the SWP and PwC are the technical advisor to the SWP. 

Terms of reference (PDF, opens in new window).

Vacancies for the SWP are filled in a fair and transparent way with the Chair of the SWP, the technical advisor to the SWP, an existing member of the SWP and Federation staff taking part in the selection process to ensure consistency.

Membership of the SWP includes (maximum of 20 members for voting):

Senior finance staff


  • Andy Speer
  • Anna McOwen
  • Faye Gordon
  • Paul Edwards
  • Sarah Smith (Vice Chair)
  • Stuart Fisher

Northern Ireland

  • Michael Rafferty

Republic of Ireland

  • Anne O'Meara


  • Lindsay Dryden


  • Amerjit Barrett
  • Sarah Prescott

Professional advisors


  • Harry Mears
  • Guy Flynn
  • Maria Hallows
  • Omadevi Jani
  • Phil Cliftlands

UK Finance

  • Vacant 

Accountant and treasury advisor

  • Jonathan Clarke

There are also attendees in an observer capacity, including:

  • FRC observer
  • National housing regulators (4)
  • Mark Windridge, HCA
  • Allister Parkinson, Welsh Government
  • Brian Nevin, Housing Agency Regulation Office
  • Nigel Gregory, Scottish Housing Regulator
  • SWP secretariat (National Housing Federation).

Read the SWP agenda and minutes