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The current environment for supported and sheltered housing is challenging. We know that recent welfare reform measures are a key concern for housing associations, and we are working with the sector and with Government to mitigate the risks.

In the Spending Review the Chancellor outlined plans to cap the amount of rent that Housing Benefit will cover in the social sector to the relevant Local Housing Allowance (LHA).

We are urgently seeking clarification from the Government that the cap will apply only to people of working age, living in general needs accommodation.

We continue to talk to senior members of the Government to stress the impact that the cap will have, and that a reliance on local Discretionary Housing Payments will not provide the security that tenants and housing providers need.

We welcome the government’s proposed strategic review into how supported housing services are funded and are working to ensure that the Federation and our members are fully involved in the development of any new funding model to ensure that it is sustainable for the future.

For more details, see our welfare reform pages or speak to a member of our team.