Health and wellbeing boards

Health and wellbeing boards are local bodies were set up to oversee commissioning and tackle health inequalities.

What are they?

Health and wellbeing boards sit within each local authority. They set the priorities for improving health and social care in that area and encourage integration across the NHS, social care and public health.

At the moment they don’t commission services but do monitor commissioning by others to ensure budgets are used to achieve required outcomes.

What do they do?

They produce a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) and a joint health and wellbeing strategy (JHWS) which set out the priorities they will deliver over the next four years. Boards also scrutinise the plans of CCGs to ensure they are linked to the health and wellbeing priorities for that area.

How are they structured?

They include:

  • a councillor
  • a representative of the local CCGs
  • the council’s directors of adult and children’s services
  • the local director of public health
  • a representative of the local Healthwatch.

Beyond this they may extend membership to other areas of expertise and set up subgroups which allow providers to feed ideas into the board.

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